Free volunteer trip to Busua Beach by SYTO from March 21- 23

As part of the idea to make volunteers’ period of stay worthwhile, SYTO gives them the opportunity to see and experience Ghana as per a calendar year. Volunteers get the chance to visit tourist attractions in Ghana for free and to enjoy the touristic, cultural and traditions of Ghana. These trips are organized with advanced information to all volunteers. SYTO is responsible for transport to all destinations and gate fees at point of entry while volunteers take care of their accommodation and feeding.
The very first trip of this year was kind of special because it was the first time we did something different from our trips to the Mole National Park, Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and Kintampo Falls. We had a terrific weekend relaxing on the beach, taking surfing lessons and making new friends among ourselves.
This trip took place from 21st March – 23rd March with twenty (20) volunteers in attendance. Out of the twenty volunteers, three (3) were from the Northern Region, four (4) from the Central Region and the rest came from the Ashanti Region. Organization of this trip started like a month ago and all volunteers were informed of the dates for the trip.
Since the Branch  had only one van available, we arranged that some of us will go with public transportation. Twelve girls traveled with the Office Van, and the rest of us by Public transportation. The journey began around 8:30 am in the morning and by late noon, we arrived in Busua. Busua is about 25km away from Takoradi, the main capital city of Western Region.
Lunch was pre-ordered so we didn’t have to worry about what to eat when we arrived. Our rooms were also ready for us to check in and the days’ activities were rolled out for all participants to be aware of. The volunteers really had fun throughout the trip; about 10 of them took surfing lessons and it was such a joy to watch. These ten volunteers registered with Mr. Brights Surf School, with Mr. Bret Davies as their Surf Instructor. Mr. Davies took the group through the basics of surfing; how the board is used, how to catch the waves, how to stand on the board and how to control movement on the board. One could vividly picture him/herself surfing as you listen to the surfing lectures given by the Surf Instructor.
The rest of us were either catching some sun on the beach, relaxing at the Coconut Pub sipping coconut or a bottle of drink or reading a book at the Pouch of the hotel we stayed at. The hotel- Kangaroo Pouch Beach Resort was on the beach, so catching a glimpse of the sea waves and seeing people surf was such an incredible sight one couldn’t miss. Some of us also took a short 3 km hike to Butre by walking along the beach and climbing a steep hill which offered an excellent view over the beaches of Busua before treating their taste buds to great food at Coconut Pub on the beach.
Elin Ritzen and Jolanda Roxema, two of the Ashanti Regional volunteers were scheduled to leave on the 23rd March, 2014 but they decided they cannot miss out on this great weekend getaway. However, on the 22nd March, Elin Ritzen took ill and we had to find a hospital for her to be treated. The coordinator, driver, Frida Bjelke and Jolanda had to be with her from Busua to Takoradi but first Jolanda administered first aid treatment to Elin and miraculously, she was feeling much better by the time we got to Takoradi. It felt like luck was shinning on us, because at the same time, Tinne a volunteer from Swedru who had lost her purse on a bus was able to get it back from the station. We took them to Takoradi station and saw to it their departure to Accra.
By late noon, Tina and Ali were back with the rest of the volunteers. On the eve of our departure from Busua beach, all of us planned a dinner at the beach which was such an amazing experience. We talked, shared experiences, exchanged social media accounts, etc.
After dinner, most the volunteers still continued to hang out at Coconut Pub for drinks and chats; they were much happy about being together in each other’s company.
The next morning, we took breakfast together and planned on how we will depart from Busua to our various destinations. Anna, Jenny and Synne went by their own means since they had transport fare from SYTO. Since Elin Maria, Frida and Jolanda left for Accra and Elin Victoria and Esther decided to continue to Cape Coast to see the Castle and Kakum National Park, there was enough space for those of us who had come to Takoradi by public transportation.
Below are some of the comments which will attest to the fact that the trip was successful;
Nice place to relax and to learn how to surf.
I enjoyed the trip, although I think Cape 3 Points its much nicer.
Thanks for organizing the trip!!!                              ~Jon Cadinanos Echevarria (German volunteer)        
It was really a nice trip.
We enjoyed the time and the possibility to learn how to surf.
Thanks for organizing!                                          ~Franciscka and Lea (German volunteers)
I had a lovely time.
It was a great experience to learn how to surf.
Thank you very much!                                     ~Tonje Skarshaug (Norwegian volunteer)
It was so nice to meet all the other volunteers (again).
I really enjoyed it; we had a lot of fun. Busua is a nice place to stay.
Especially your good organization (SYTO) made this trip to a great weekend!
                                                                                    ~Patricia Furrer (Swiss volunteer)
The service was just great. All efforts very much appreciated.
                                                                                   ~Christer Tord Magnusson (Swedish volunteer)
The hotel was really nice.
Surfing lesson was a blast and SYTO Staff exceptional.
Thanks a lot for putting a really nice trip for us. All props go to Tina.
                                                                              ~Mark Antwaine (German volunteer)

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