Morag Stirling , Counselling, .England

I came to Ghana with no idea what to expect. I knew that I had been placed with an organisation called Compassion Rehab Centre in Accra who work with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

I also knew that I would be involved in counselling and outreach work to the slums and ghettos. I had no idea that during the two months I would spend there I would experience what I did, have so much fun and become incredibly emotionally attached to the people I would meet and work with.

SYTO were very supportive throughout my time there. In the first week I was ill from my anti-malarias but they took me to see a doctor and looked after me so that I was back to full health for my placement. SYTO had placed me perfectly with an organisation who made use of all of my strengths and enabled me to be challenged yet supported and loved.

My role at the centre consisted of participating in the morning bible studies, doing one-on-one counselling with the disciples, leading small group seminars and literacy classes, conducting a choir and helping in the kitchen and in the office. As well as these activities I would go out a few times a week for outreach.

During this we would go to the markets and ghettos, lead worship and praises, hand out food and water and counsel and pray for the people there, encouraging them to come with us to the centre. The guys who took me out were all ex-addicts or alcoholics themselves so I never felt unsafe and it made the testimony to the people in the ghetto so much more powerful.

Over the two months I built up really great relationships with the people living at the centre and I cried all the way through security at the airport after a full vanload of the guys dropped me off for my flight home. I cannot speak highly enough about Compassion Rehab Centre and how they have affected me.

I would say that the best way to understand is to visit for yourself. Ghana is a wonderful country, the people are so friendly and if you don’t mind the at least daily proposal of marriage then you’ll get on fine.

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