Touching Lifes at Orphanages and Care Centres

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The Orphanages and care centre’s offer Volunteers the opportunity to assist in caring for children who have lost their mothers or fathers or both parents and who have no one to see to their welfare. Volunteers can either stay in the orphanage as part of the family and work or a Volunteer can live with a separate family and work at the Orphanage or care centre.

The main work expected to be done here by a volunteer includes: brushing of teeth,  bathing and dressing of children, feeding these children, washing of their clothes,  taking them to school, helping out with home work brought from school, playing with the children, teaching them songs and any other activity that makes a child feels comfortable and loved.

 Mampong Babies Home can be located in the Sekyere West District on the Northern end of the Ashanti Region.

Mampong babies’ home was started by the Anglican Missionaries Sisters of the Order of the Holy Paraclete (OHP) by Sister Miriam in 1967.This was done upon an idea of how a baby could be taken care of when its mother died because of the high maternal mortality rate at the time. The need for an organized care of maternal orphans was clear and needed to be implemented.

The Mampong Babies’ Home takes in babies whose mothers have died during or after birth and not often abandoned children. The babies, often very weak, are restored to health and nurtured through the vulnerable first years. They are then reunited with the surviving members of their families. The Home can take in fifty (50) babies at a time.

Currently there is staff strength of about thirty-six with a Superintendent and a deputy superintendent being the head of management. Often times volunteers from all over the world especially SYTO volunteers do come over to help take care of these babies.

However, in spite of all these, Mampong Babies Home still faces quite a number of challenges like Transportation and Need for Infrastructural Expansion of the Children’s Dormitory.

Work Activities

Volunteers work schedule at the Home include;

  •     Make yourself known to a member of staff
  •     Leave bags and water in locker in Baby nursery
  •     Help staff to strip cots
  •     Wash mattresses and cots with disinfectant. Leave to dry and then put clean sheets on cots when dry

If the volunteer is allocated to work in the Daycare Centre, he/she must help dress children in the playroom

9 am the children go to the Daycare Centre

  • Assist in bottle feeding babies and toddlers
  • Move babies onto mat in nursery for bathing.
  • At bath time assist staff with drying, oiling, and powdering of babies. Put on a clean nappy and dress babies and toddlers.
  • Place all babies in their cots for morning sleep

Volunteers go for break at 12:00noon – 3:00pm

  •     At 3pm, volunteers change babies nappies and place them on the mat in the nursery
  •     Play with babies and toddlers
  •     At 3:30pm, children return from Daycare Centre and are changed by staff including volunteers

    During this time, volunteers can interact and play with babies, toddlers, and other older children. This is done with permission asked for.

  •     At 5:30pm Volunteers assist in changing and dressing babies and toddlers for night
  •     At 6pm, cover cots with mosquito nets and close for the day.

Volunteers who work here are always very busy all day through unless it is one’s break time.

Availability     All Year Round



Volunteer Name : HEIKE GROSS

‘‘I work at the Mampong Babies Home

Work starts in the morning at 8:00am until 11:00am and then from 3:00pm until 6:00pm

We help the sisters in the Babies Home to take care of all the kids. So, most of the day we are  changing nappies, playing with the kids and feed them.

The work in the Babies Home is very interesting and I really like it a lot. Especially when you are there for several weeks, then  you know the kids and the kids know you.

Although it is fun to work with the kids, it is also very exhausting and I think it is therefore very good to have the weekends of and big Lunch breaks

Mabel is very nice and you can talk to her at anytime and she is very open if volunteers would like to take some days off to travel.

All in all I can say that this programme is a very good chance to get to know how people in Ghana live and how it is to work in an orphanage.

It is a very good experience and I would recommend to other people back home.’’

Volunteer Name  : Anja Utmo

‘‘The Mampong Babies Home is extremely rewarding project to work at. I have learned so much during my 3 weeks there and I experience new things every day. The staff has been very welcoming and patient with me and other volunteers. And we are getting to know the kids better and better for every day and I want to bring them all home with me

They do an awesome job there, and we work very hard

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