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There are exciting opportunities in the Rural government schools in Ghana  to assist as a volunteer . The demand is very high  and SYTO have nearly  about 100 placements for volunteers with a wide ranges of experience and qualifications.


  •     Volunteering activities that could be done in the schools are
  •     Assisting to profile brilliant poor children
  •     Assisting in counseling and guidance
  •     Assist to recruit African Gifted Children
  •     Mentorship
  •     Assist classroom Teachers
  •     Teach specialized  subjects such as  Computing,  Maths, English,  Science, ICT, Art  Work and Many more
  •     Assisting in other extracurricular activities like sports
  •     Volunteers, who have interest in working with children, can teach at the Pre-School, Primary and  the Junior level. They are attached to the various classroom teachers so they can assist.

Volunteers who wish to work in schools are equally given the opportunity to select subjects they are comfortable with and teach the students just like at the Junior High level.

Teaching in areas of Sports and Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the school is highly needed. Volunteers who will like to work at this area will be required to teach the youth basic English language and Mathematics as well as assist also in the day to day Administration and Information Communication Technology (ICT) aspects of this special initiative.

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