How do I make contact with my family and SYTO staff members?

We advise that all volunteers should bring an unlocked mobile phone. When you arrive in Ghana you can change your SIM card and use your phone. Usually on the first or second day during orientation we will take you to a local telecommunication company where you can purchase a SIM card for a very small fee and use it in your phone, alternatively if you do not have an unlocked phone then one can be purchased here in Ghana.
This is the perfect way to stay in touch with your family and SYTO staff. Internet access is available in Accra and at the Pink Hostel as well Internet cafes in and around Accra and some of the areas where you will be staying. Most locations are open 8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. Prices are very inexpensive. International phone calling is easy in Accra with a phone card or at a communication centre.

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