What do I do about money and changing it to local currency?

On average we recommend that on a 3 month duration $600 is usually sufficient. However approximately you may need $5-10 per day for personal expenses such as like water, soft drinks, taxis or local trotro (the local buses) and shopping. In your first couple of days in Ghana you will have orientation days and we use this as an opportunity to change money with the local exchange bureau which is situated in close proximity. We also recommend you to have is a VISA Debit card as ATM machines are available in the cities and increasingly now in the rural areas if you use these you can withdraw the local currency which is called The Cedis. In Ghana, people of U.S. or European decent are considered rich no matter how true it may be. This can makes you a target for pick pockets or scam artist. Participants on all the programmes are required to be smart in regards to money when travelling through Ghana. Please be advised to pay attention to these guidelines.

  • Remain aware of the exchange rate and cost of item
  • Store money in a secure, well-hidden place or safe.
  • Avoid obvious money pouches, dangling backpacks and camera bags; limit the amount of jewellery that you take.
  • Don't flash money or your wallet.
  • Travel in pairs or groups to the ATM.
  • Carry money in different pockets and places.

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