Who will pick me up from the airport/ What should I do if I get delayed or miss my flight?

  • SYTO participants will arrive to at The Kotoka International Airport located 10k from the city centre of Accra. Please ensure that you provide your flight information to our offices to ensure a smooth arrival process in Accra. What next?
  • SYTO shall provide Airport meet and greet and transfer of participant to an accommodation in the form of a hostel.
  • SYTO shall provide one nights' accommodation (Bed and Breakfast in Accra and dinner upon arrival for the 1st night only)
  • SYTO shall provide the participant with two days arrival orientation session for short programs (2-4 week programs) with longer programs this orientation is 4 days upon arrival in Accra. With day one being the arrival in Accra.
  • ·  Participant shall be transferred to the host community to permanent accommodation after there 2 0r 4 day orientation with 1 day orientation in their specific regions.

If you are delayed or miss your flight, please call our programme coordinator (contact numbers in your arrival notice letter) and communicate directly them. If you become lost in the Airport Contact telephone numbers and addresses of our hostel and contact are again available in your arrival notice letter.

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