Cultural Homestay

SYTO  is convinced that the best way to understand another way of life is to be part of a family. When foreigners  become part of a family, they have the rare and valuable opportunity of experiencing life from the inside rather than viewing the country as a tourist.

SYTO selects host families who have a genuine interest in people of other cultures, their language and their customs. Host families come from all walks of life. SYTO host family provides overseas students, Volunteers and Youth with room and board in a warm supportive home.


- Warm, welcoming and open-minded,
- Proud to share their lifestyle and language,
- Interested in learning about other cultures,
- Eager to include the student in their family and community,
- Aware that today's youth need to be world citizens

SYTO representatives will be available to help participants every step of the way. They are responsible for screening host families and then matching students to families, after carefully examining participants and host family applications.

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