One Week Orientation

Our orientation week in Ghana is a great chance to get to know more about Ghana and learn the customs, traditions and language which will give you a great opportunity to interact with Ghanaians and so you can better understand the people and their culture.

The orientation week is the first step towards a great stay in a new country and your host community.  It’s an action packed and fun filled week that is dedicated to getting to know Ghana in all its cultural aspects with firsthand live in experience. You will also get time to meet and make friends with other participant’s, taste the local cuisine and get familiar with Ghanaian customs. You will learn about the Ghanaian culture and local language. You will visit some of the local industries that serve as the backbone of Ghana's industrial revolution and that tend to bring forth creativity in the Ghanaians.  You will visit the atmospheric market to learn and perfect the art of bargaining, and how we conduct our business and trades, in the Ghanaian style.

Above all we offer free  group tours  during your stay in the country.

All orientations begin on Mondays.

The program below is written to give you an idea of the orientation week but may vary slightly from group to group:

SUNDAY   -   Arriva Day                                 

                  -  Transfer to the pink Hostel

                  -   Free night


MONDAY   -   Breakfast at Pink hostel

                    -  Welcome and introduction:    1 hr

                                -        About  the Student and Youth Travel Organization ( SYTO)

                               -        SYTO Events

                               -       Code of conduct for volunteering in Ghana


                    -   Ghanaian Culture :    1 hour 30 minutes

                         Learning and Interaction about the Ghanaian culture. The objective is to have an increased understanding of family life and the various tribes in the country.

                    -   Language and Communication lessons30 minutes

                         A historical overview of languages in Ghana with special emphasis on some often spoken Akan vocabularies in all parts of the country. Through an exciting and interactive course you will learn the basics of this wonderful and expressive language.

                    -   Lunch at the Beach  : Varies

                -  Traditional Music Drumming and Dancing : 2 Hours

                   Traditional Music Drumming and Dancing in the afternoon at the Beach. You will experience some of the drumming and dance that is traditional to Ghana. The activities will include a practical lesson in drumming and dance, including songs and the meaning of the drum beats, as well as the uses of the various drums in the ensemble.

                   -   Dinner and Evening at the hostel : Free


TUESDAY  : Breakfast at Pink hostel 

                  -   Transfer to host communities for short program (2- 4 weeks)

                       -  City Tour of Accra :  6 hours

                                     -   Trashy bags ( local industry)

                                     -   National Cultural  Center

                                     -   Kwame Nkrumah Museum

                                     -  Scenic Drive passing the following: Sports Stadium, National Conference Center, Parliament House and Independence Square.

                                     -  Makola Market

                       -  Lunch Break

                 - Transportation in Ghana and Visa Processing and Extensions : 1 hour

                 - Staying Healthy in Ghana : 1 hour

                 - Dinner and Free Night

WEDNESDAY - Regional Orientation

                     -  Packed Breakfast (morning)

                     -  Transfer to Ashanti, Central and Northern Regions (Varies)

                     -  Pickup and transfer to Regional office for regional orientation

                           - Lunch (Varies)

·                                       -  Host Family and Work Placement Issues

                                         -  Cross Cultural orientation and Language session

                          -   Evening

·                                       -   Transfer to Hostels

·                                       -   Dinner

                                         -  Free Time in the Evening


THURSDAY :     Morning

                          -   City Tour of Regional Destination

                           -  Lunch  and transfer to Host Families


                           - With Host Families


FRIDAY      :   Friday- Host Community Orientation

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