Opportunity Education Foundation Program

In 2009, Opportunities Education FOUNDATION and  SYTO introduced the OE programmetoselectedschools inGhana. This  was to be an intervention that will stabilize enrolment rates and improve learning.
Opportunity Education foundation  (OE) is a non-government, non-denominational and non-profit organization based in USA that started in 2005.  OE has one benefactor and that is entrepreneur and businessman Joe Ricketts.  OE is Mr. Ricketts' philanthropic enterprise.OpportunityEducationFoundation (OEF)programiscurrently usedinelevencountriesacrosstwo continents,Africa and Asia.
Opportunity education curriculum is an extension or supplement to the curriculum required in each country. OEF curriculum is not intended to be a total replacement curriculum.In addition to   the OEF lessons,on-sitetrainings,sitevisits,andtrainingDVDsallowteachersopportunity toapplylessonstotheirindividualschoolorcountrycurriculumtoenhance orsupplementthe nationalcurriculum.

The SYTO/OEF project has the overarching goal of strengthened,teacher capacity to improve instructional practices;the specific outcomes of the project include:

  •   Make quality educational opportunities accessible to children in developing nations so that those pupils may improve their standard of living and work towards a brighter future.
  •  Provide technological tools to assist in training of teachers and improve student learning.
  • To help as many learners as possible achieve a meaningful education.  We provide the essential support - from learning materials and curricula to televisions and teachers’ guides - that is so critical to schools.
  • The program is  also committed to helping teachers in the developing world by introducing effective teaching methods and providing tools for quality instruction and assessment.
  • And also through Sister School Program, we connect teachers and students around the world, encouraging cultural awareness throughout the global community.

SYTO  has  been  implementing  the  opportunities  education  project  in  partnership  with respective district Ghana education service-the main executing agents implementing project interventions.During the project period,interventions have been implemented in  135 schools in each of the 18 project districts in the Central,Eastern and Ashanti and Northern regions of Ghana.

  • ·         Schools are to provide Security for teaching materials and Equipments
  • ·         Report results of formal assessment at the end of the school year.

1.    Opportunity Education Lessons- the lessons are intended to supplement and expand existing curriculum, not to replace a school’s current curriculum.
2.    Opportunity Education Materials and Equipments. - Displaythe items and always remember to use OEF materials when teaching Maths, English, and Reading etc. These are complimentary materials provided by OEF to support teaching and to create a practical and interactive classroom learning environment.  The TV and DVD player sets are provided to make your lessons fun and educative. Operating the TV is not difficult; before a lesson kindly go through the DVD and teacher’s guide and play for your students to learn. It is more fun when you pause along the line to explain a bit further to your students what is being taught by the teacher on the DVDs
3.    OEF meetings / Refresher courses -   These meetings will be conducted once a year as a way of revitalizing the great family we are. New teachers get the chance to meet old teachers on the program who can serve as models. We share ideas, thoughts and problems that we may have in order to push the program forward and successfully.
4.    Monitoring and evaluation visits – These visits serve as a platform to be in touch with our schools. These visits are conducted twice every year to check on you and your students and assess how the program has been impactful and to address any challenges that may be have with respect to the program.
5.    Assessment collection – We want to know if the program is creating the desired results in your students. Every grade is examined at the end of an academic year. The intake form, school profile sheet and result sheets of your students will be collected in July every year.
6.    Sister school letters – explore the opportunities to communicate and write to your sister school at least once a year. There are no laid down rules to writing letters; being creative is all that it takes. You can share photos, ideas, goals and activities.
7.    Teacher’s guide: a reference document that guides teachers through the syllabus of OE Program and directs teachers on how lessons are to be presented in classrooms
8.    OEF  Coordinator at your school. Always contact the coordinator for assistance or call Program manager of the program @ 020202533017.

The Number of Districts we are working with are 10; they are Akomadan, Amansie Central,Atwima Nwabiagya, Bekwai,Bosomtwi, Ejisu,Kumasi Metro,Kwabre East,Mampong  and Old Offinso Districts. There are about 40 schools supported by Opportunity EducationFoundation.

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